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Can the charging piles of different brands of new energy vehicles be used in common?


With the continuous development of new energy vehicles, all aspects are gradually improved, and there is a new national standard for charging. According to the new national standard, the charging plug standards of different models will remain consistent. Although the voltage and power will vary, they can still meet charging needs. Only the efficiency is different.

Why can't it be charged with a normal household plug?

We all know that the faster the charging, the greater the current in the wire, so the wire must be thick enough, and the wire is too thin to heat up easily. Household plugs are usually lower than 16A. Under normal circumstances, the electrical power that can be tolerated is within 3 kilowatts, and the minimum charging power of electric vehicles is also above 3 kilowatts. There are no professional protection measures for household circuits, which may cause fire in severe cases, so professional charging piles should be used for charging.