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How are electric car chargers classified?


We all know that each electric car has different horsepower, different batteries, and different corresponding electric car chargers. So how to classify the electric car chargers of many brands on the market? Let's follow the small series to understand it!

1. According to the composition classification, it can be divided into transformer type, thyristor type, switching power supply type, the most popular transformer is thyristor transformer, with low cost, large current, small size, light weight and other advantages.

2. It is divided into ordinary charger and pulse charger according to function. Most evs use regular chargers and only a few evs use pulse chargers. Pulse chargers can improve charging capacity, reduce the temperature of the charger during charging, and extend battery life.

3. According to the classification of charging mode, electric vehicle chargers are generally divided into primary charging mode, secondary charging mode and three segmented charging mode. The first stage is called constant current charging stage, the second stage is called constant voltage charging stage, and the third stage is called trickle charging stage. The three-stage charger extends the battery life and shortens the charging time.

4. According to the classification of output power, chargers are divided into 12 AH, 20 AH, and 32 AH.

5. Based on the output voltage segmentation, chargers with output voltages of 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, and 72V are highly popular in the market.