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Can electric vehicles use ordinary sockets?


Hybrid models are mainly charged through ordinary sockets, which use AC sockets, and pure electric models use DC sockets. Some car owners reported that their BYD hybrid cars can be charged with a household 10A ordinary socket without any problem, and some small models such as Euler have a good experience. This is because the charging power of some models is indeed relatively low, but because the current involves potential safety hazards, it is necessary to consult professionals in advance.

Ordinary sockets are generally 10A, air-conditioning sockets are 16A, and portable chargers have 16A and 32A specifications. Out of responsibility for safety, it is not recommended to use ordinary sockets for charging first, because the charging power of electric vehicles is relatively high, which may burn out the sockets and cause fire and other dangers.

The 16A socket of the air conditioner can satisfy most electric models, and most car owners basically use this socket. Car owners must use regular brand portable chargers, and there are many tragedies of fire accidents caused by substandard products. In addition, the household current is low, and the charging speed is very slow when using ordinary fast charging devices. In the case of long-term use and conditions, it is obviously more comfortable to install charging piles.